Additionally, we also harness the power of a wide range of small-scale companies that work in cohesion to bolster our common goal of empowering Nepal.

A Diverse Portfolio Working in Cohesion

Our motive has always been to broaden our specializations and bestow a diverse portfolio that works together for the betterment of all.

With a profound appreciation for the culinary arts, we create palatable experiences through a number of eatery services. Along with providing tasteful catering services to our organizational employees, ING Foods is also responsible for the management of eateries such as The Perch, Rendezvous and Juice bar.

The Training and Certification Academy pursues to equip and develop all students, academicians and aspiring professionals with skills essential for career initiation and growth. The training courses in Technology and Business are delivered through a hands-on approach focusing on practical application and implication to amplify real-world scenarios.

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With a primary focus on marketing activities, ING Consulting is responsible for the consistent brand management, sales and advertising of all ING companies.